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Vintage Indian Coffee Table


Look what has found it’s way to 1848 Collection from our favourite Indigo Love…

Vintage Indian Coffee Table 

Our Vintage Indian Coffee Table is a stunning piece featuring delicate carvings and soft, rounded legs that lend it an air of refined simplicity. Styling this elegant table can further enhance its beauty and make it the centrepiece of any room. To accentuate it’s charm, consider complementing the table with a few carefully chosen decor items. A decorative tray or a few coffee table books can be placed atop it, adding a touch of sophistication while allowing the intricate carvings to shine through . Consider incorporating a large glass vase with fresh flowers or one of our paper mache bowls. To balance its simplicity, you might introduce a decorative rug underneath, providing a contrasting texture or color that highlights the softness of the tables design. Surrounding the table with plush cushions on nearby seating can create a cozy atmosphere, inviting relaxation and conversation. If aiming for a more minimalist look, opt for a single statement piece, such as an artful sculpture or an elegant candle arrangement, allowing the tables craftsmanship to be the focal point without overwhelming it. Ultimately, the key to styling this vintage bleached Indian coffee table lies in keeping the arrangement simple yet thoughtfully curated, allowing its delicate carvings and understand beauty to take centre stage while complementing the overall aesthetic of the room.

Dimensions (cm): 182 L x 115 W x 47 H 


Age: 60 - 80 

Original Purpose: Old table 

Origin: RAJASTHAN, India

Care Instructions: WIPE WITH DRY CLOTH 


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