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NTR Plaiting Thread - black


Bands for professional Groomers and Equestrian and dog use. This product is suitable for all domestic and show animals to give a perfect finish.


NTR Plaiting Thread.

This thread is absolutely perfect for sewing in your plaits and braids. Super strong and waxed so it grips the hair with the added bonus of being the only FLAT plaiting thread on the market, making it oh so easy to thread through a needle!

Comes in a 60m roll. Rolls have a little slot in the top to secure the end so it doesn’t come unravelled when you’re not using it.

Available in Black, Dark Chestnut, Chestnut (new), Light Chestnut, White, Grey & Flaxen to match your horses mane.
**As of August 2023 there is a new chestnut thread available. What was the old Chestnut is now called Light Chestnut and we have a new Chestnut colour.

Team it with the NTR Plaiting Bands and the NTR Plaiting Needles for effortless and secure plaits and braids.

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