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Common Ground Throw | Black w/ Tan & Nat | 170*155 Blanket Black + White ~ Pony Rider ~



Common Ground Throw | Black w/ Tan & Nat | 170*155

by Pony Rider 

Quality meets beauty and texture with Pony Rider, we just had to stock them! These Aussie legends are our vintage indoor, outdoor inspiration when it comes to all things homey. 

When earth meets sky we find common ground. It's an even circle around a fire, a simple memory that relates us to each other. Either way, to move forward as a nation we need to find common ground. So pucker up peeps and find it, we all have it...... we are all human. 

Throw this together with the matching cushions!



Ideal as a couch throw, bed blanket or picnic blanket. 

Size: 170cm x 155cm | Ideal for King or Queen Bed 
Fabric: 100% Cotton 
Made: India
Designed: Australia by Pony Rider
Care: Cold Machine Wash


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