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Lennox Side Table


Meet Lennox - he has found his way to 1848 collection all the way from Indigo Love - this stunning eco-friendly home furnishings brand is pride of place in our collection with its classic modern meets' antique vibe.  

Inherent in the essence of natural materials, the Lennox Side Table serves as both furniture and sculpture. Its individualistic charm allows it to stand alone as a captivating centerpiece or harmoniously join a curated collection, transforming any space into a haven of understated luxury. The unique composition of the marble ensures that each design is distinctive, rendering every piece one-of-a-kind. Pair it with our Lennox Coffee table or use it as a bedside table for dimension and a sense of sophisticated style.

Product Weight: 13.75Kg
Dimensions: W44 x D38 x H57cm
Finish/ Colour: Electroplating
Material: Aluminium and Marble
Top Profile: Radiused
Assembly Required? No
Cleaning Requirements/ Instructions: A soft cloth should be used for cleaning
Country of Origin: India

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