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Anise Mirror


Meet Anise - she has found her way to 1848 collection all the way from Indigo Love - this stunning eco-friendly home furnishings brand is pride of place in our collection with its classic modern meets' antique vibe.  

The Anise Mirror presents an unexpected and organic reinterpretation of a classic shape, featuring an amorphous frame that defies traditional expectations. Its distinctive soft, rounded profile adds a touch of modern elegance, showcasing a seamless integration of form and function. The frame delicately cradles a single piece of clear mirror, creating a harmonious balance between the unconventional design and the timeless functionality of the reflective surface. This unique piece invites you to explore a fresh perspective, blending contemporary aesthetics with a nod to the organic beauty found in nature.

Product Weight: 8.5Kg
Dimensions: W60 x D10 x H118cm
Finish/ Colour: Electroplating
Material: Aluminium and glass
Frame Material: Aluminium
Assembly Required? No
Mount Type: Wall Mount
Area of use: Indoor
Cleaning Requirements/ Instructions: A soft cloth should be used for cleaning
Country of Origin: India

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